"The perfect interior design and furnishing is the key to the success of a business". Whenever anyone starts planning or designing a restaurant or bar interior design they keep in mind all the important aspects of restaurant architecture and design in order to attract customers so there are some of the tops and beautifully designed interior design restaurants in Dubai that are the focus of everyone whenever they visit Dubai. Their important factors of marketing and interior design strategies are highlighted below.

1. Bagatelle

This is one of the top restaurants in Dubai that are must-visit having royal blue sittings theme and other restaurants main paint colour is light as in caramel or white cream colour is best for party nights with a French menu card. Perfectly designed with light furnishings, having beautifully crafted tables and chairs assembled with elegant fabric and ambient designs.

2. Amazonico

This is an example of a perfectly natural look restaurant located at Gate Village Pavilion in DIFC to attract large number of customers. The restaurant represents the full-bloomed flowers having various categories like baskets, colourful flowers etc for the visitors to make them feel good with natural colours and fragrance. The restaurant follows a Spanish theme with a mix of dark colours as in chocolate coloured assembled with a blend of light colour having textured walls.

3. Avli by tashas

The restaurant is inspired by the latest south African restaurant is perfectly designed having light pink and brown colour contrasting curtains and cushions and other major fabrics. Beautifully crafted furnishings add to the overall beautiful look of the restaurant the main theme is big or go home goat legs mostly served with lashing bread. This is also located at DIFC and is best for late-night parties and foodstuffs.

4. Zheng He’s

The main thing behind its publicity is the fact that it has globally recognized chefs that have won many awards in cooking, the view restaurant provides is the canal look which attracts the customers as they enjoy the beautiful canal and Burj Al Arab while eating food and sitting there. The main food course includes a blend of western and Chinese mixed food which has the heart of customers from all around the world because of their tasteful presentations.

5. Rhodes W1

The best thing about this remarkable restaurant is the fact that the sitting arrangements at its terrace present the side look of Dubai Marina, perfectly blended with light colour paints and comfy sittings having an organic food menu. The beautifully designed green natural grass while sitting and enjoying the food is the essence of the restaurant.


These are some of the perfectly designed Interior Fit Out Companies in Dubai which everyone wants to visit whenever they go to Dubai because of their unique restaurant architecture and design. The main reason behind the success of these restaurants is their unique design, style and modern interior design trends, their elegant food menus and overall interior design essentials.