While roaming the aisles and aisles of makeup at cosmetic store, it is really thrilling to see the beautifully piled up cosmetics. You also rush to get them in elegantly designed custom makeup boxes. It can be so thrilling to find and choose your favorite cosmetics. However, there are some very important tips to consider even before selecting any sort of beauty cream. There are so many makeup experts on social media who are always present to share their valuable makeup tips and suggestions

Some important Makeup Tips to follow

So, here as a regular makeup customer, I have also scrambled up some tips that you all must follow before buying your makeup item from any brand.

Find out your Skin Tone

When you are looking for foundation, it is very important to have a prior knowledge about your skin tone. It’s because not every foundation suits every skin. If you put on the unsuitable liquid foundation, your skin will appear caky, or two-toned. We all are different. We have different skin tones. Remember that by skin tone, we mean the general appearance of our skin. Never buy any makeup item just because your friend uses it. Go for foundation that absorbs in your skin completely giving you a natural look.

Don’t choose Makeup to create artificial face

Be mindful of your skin tone and complexion. But never try to change it by using unsuitable fairness creams.  Your complexion is the natural color of your face given by God. Whether you are dark-skinned, whitish or fair, embrace it. Never try to hide your complexion beneath the heavy layers of makeup. Remember that the only purpose of your makeup is to freshen up your skin and enhance the beauty of your features.

Find out your Skin Type

 Keep in mind that not everyone has the same skin type. Even the siblings have skin types different from each other. Some have oily skin. Some say that they have dry skin. Some have normal. And even some have a combination of both. There are many people with sensitive skin.  If, anyone of you has sensitive skin, you must know quite well that some makeup items appear very harsh for this skin type. Hence they are unsuitable for sensitive skin. If you don’t know about your skin type, you must go to an expert dermatologist. He or she will confirm your skin type. A qualified dermatologist would also suggest you some medicated products to improve your skin.

Always go for the popular makeup brands

While roaming in any cosmetic store always go for the renowned or famous makeup brand. It is because it is the matter of your skin. Any random product without proper knowledge of makeup brand can harm your skin. Don’t buy anything from an unknown or lesser-known company. Don’t go for any makeup item just because it is inexpensive.

Test the makeup before buying it

When you hold any makeup product in your hand, first test it on your hand or one side of your face. Don’t apply it directly on your face. Every authentic brand asks you to test the makeup products before applying them on your face. We strongly suggest you to go for palm test of your chosen product, and then buy if it is suitable for you.